Blue Fonz

English Antiques, Shop Furniture, Collector’s Cabinets and Displays, and decorative objects with a twist !


Blue Fonz

Blue Fonz is a shop in the old Centre of Antwerp, situated in the northern part of Belgium, not far from the Dutch border and 3 hours by car from Paris.

Every two weeks we source our pieces in England and every 3 to 4 months we visit the USA in search of unusual and rare objects….. A very warm welcome to you on our website and feel free to drop by when you’re in the neighborhood,

We try to keep our website updated but unfortunately not everything is on it, best results are often found in the shop itself.

If you are in search of anything particular, please send us a little mail and we can try to source it for you !

Chesterfield sofa’s, bookcases, desks and office furniture, glass display cabinets, shop outfits, etc… are no strangers to us .

Blue Fonz is één van de deelnemende handelaars waar je jouw Local UniGiftCard kan gebruiken.


Kloosterstraat 12
2000 Antwerpen
Tel: 03 289 70 70