Daya Chocolates

Chocolade met een geschiedenis


Daya Chocolates

My grandfather started the chocolate business, back then it was called 'Chocolaterie Elise'. The next generation took over his business and split into 3 business with each their speciality.

My aunt makes delicious truffles and my uncle makes Chocolates with liquor. Do be careful, if you eat several of the liquor pralines, you will not be capable of driving your car anymore! ;) My dad is the third one who started a business, called Daya Chocolates. His speciality was making pralines and after my dad married my mom, she started to make does gorgeous figures.

The origin of "Daya" comes from my name, Dana, and my brothers name, Yassin. And why isn't it Yada if you may wonder.. Well i was born first so they decided to put Da first and than the Ya.

In 2008 we bought a little shop in Bruges located in the Wijngaardstraat. It was just to see how the shop would do, but after a while we've noticed that the people liked our chocolates so much. We decided to open 2 more shops, one in the Wollestraat another in the Katelijnestraat.

It got bussier and bussier and after a while we couldn't handle 3 shops at once so we decided to keep one shop and make that one shop the best shop we ever had. So now we are only located in the Katelijnestraat 27b

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Katelijnestraat 27
8000 Brugge
Tel: 0478 33 37 31