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Sincerely Valentine

Welcome to the Sincerely Valentine Brand Store. The Sincerely Valentine Brand Store allows you to discover a broad range of styles and shades, in forms of jewellery, clothing and interior. This multibrand store offers something for everyone. Each collection is hand-picked by our founder Valentine. From basics to statements, the versatile collections in our Brand Store strike the perfect balance between quirky and playful, effortless and timeless.

In the center of the store, you can indulge in colorful, candy-colored jewellery, created and designed to complete any look you have in mind. From simple, elegant earrings to bright, colorful studs and pendants to complement your ear look. The Brand Store is the ideal place to discover your personal style and to dip your toes into the journey of Sincerely Valentine.

Come explore the latest Sincerely Valentine styles and get inspiration for your next favourite look.?See you soon in our Brand Store @ Grand Bazar Shopping, Antwerp.

Want to discover more? We got you. Experience the full Sincerely Valentine journey by visiting our four locations in Antwerp. Each store is provided with its own unique feel and was created to stand out from the pack. Discover our different styles and vibes within a 500m radius. Curious? Great, go enjoy the Sincerely Valentine tour!

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Beddenstraat 2
2000 Antwerpen